A new image for the Tresoldi Metalli Service Centre


A new website and a new image to communicate a solid company with a stable, cohesive, and increasingly proactive corporate structure. This is how the Tresoldi Metalli Service Centre looks today.

The company’s totally revamped website went online a few days ago, confirming the path it has been following for some years now: a unique assortment in terms of its range, covering both construction metals and industrial metals, ranging from household appliances to ventilation and extraction, from electromechanics to insulation, from laser cutting to air conditioning and refrigeration.

The website reflects the company’s structure with well-ordered and easy-to-use information on coils, sheets, strips, wide and narrow straps, and all the services the company offers.
It also allows the user to search through the different materials provided: from stainless steel to carbon steel, from aluminium to alloys and copper.

Along with the products, the website tells the story of Tresoldi Metalli, made up of solid values, absolute attention to the quality of the materials and services offered, quick deliveries, support and consulting guaranteed by the management team, which is broken down into different areas of competence that are always headed by a member of the Tresoldi family, to ensure efficiency and organisation.