Cortal Tresoldi: versatile and of great texture effect


Tresoldi Metalli offers a pre-coated aluminium to achieve the aesthetic effect of corten in a product that is easy to use and maintain.

Corten’s aesthetic charm and success

In recent years, we have seen an increasingly widespread use of corten, which is a steel resistant to the elements that takes on a rust-like appearance after years of exposure to them. Corten combines functional characteristics with high-impact aesthetics, thanks to its natural oxidation that gives off genuine and lively colour shades. Corten, however, has its drawbacks.

Disadvantages to corten steel

Despite its widespread use, corten steel is a delicate oxidised material that must be kept away from water stagnation and often, after oxidation, can stain floor and any surrounding environment with rust.

Cortal: the alternative solution by Tresoldi

To overcome these problems, Tresoldi Metalli, in partnership with Novelis, has developed Cortal, an alternative 5005 aluminum alloy coated in a 25 μm polyester layer.

Cortal: great-impact aesthetics

Cortal has an irregular surface and a texture that has no equivalent among coated metals; it looks antique to the eye and gives off iridescent colour shades to achieve a warm and lived-in aesthetic effect.

Easy to install and maintain: aesthetics meets practicality

The new Tresoldi material avoids all the application and maintenance challenges that are typical of corten. Its scratch-resistant finish makes cortal sturdier; furthermore, it is decisively lighter to handle and less susceptible than corten to the elements and other environmental agents.

A wide range of applications and versions available

Cortal can be used for façades and roofs, as well as for gutters and downspouts.

Tresoldi Metalli has different thicknesses available in stock: 0.7, 0.8, 1 and 1.5 mm that can be cut-to-size to meet the most discrete needs.

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