Gutters: distributors now choose Cupro Inox® Tresoldi


In the gutter segment, the introduction of Tresoldi Metalli’s Cupro-Inox® is a real novelty that sets a benchmark for the sector and is becoming increasingly popular.

The great success of Cupro-Inox® sheet metal products for construction (ranging from metal strips to downpipes), which is now in high demand among customers, has encouraged the new distributors of these products to offer the Tresoldi gutters and other products in Cupro Inox® on the market.

Today the real advantage for tinsmiths is not only a large distribution network but also the opportunity to source several accessories for metal sheet products from specialised manufacturers, who are now valuing the properties of this new material; now elbow unions for gutters, pipe holders, slings, sprinklers, angles for gutters, and other products such as chains, end caps and Swiss nozzles are also available in Cupro Inox®.

This material is produced by binding stainless steel with copper. Its visual effect and resilience are excellent and, compared to copper, it is typically used for gutters and downpipes and has much cheaper and stable prices.

The visual appearance of copper gutters will remain totally unchanged (gutters in this material look exactly the same), but the price is decisively lower and the real advantage is the opportunity to use accessories in the same material.