AluSoft®: a pre-painted product that combines functionality and aesthetics


Innovation, bold aesthetic impact, high technical performance and attention to the environment: AluSoft® is the Tresoldi pre-painted aluminum that efficiently achieves all these goals, and the product of choice in the building sector.

Pre-painted aluminum ideal for cladding and roofing

AluSoft® is particularly suitable for cladding and roofing jobs. Thanks to the unique ductility of its sheets, it allows excellent workability during all seaming phases. Easy processing dramatically reduces construction constraints, allowing the designer to consider bolder creative choices.

Bold-impact aesthetics

Ease of processing is matched by the bold aesthetic impact of matte, satin and enveloping finish, whose weathered and textured appearance makes it suitable for the most contemporary architectural choices and one of the most sought-after products on the market.

Resistant and easy to maintain

Moreover, thanks to its finish, AluSoft® pre-painted aluminum is more resistant to scratches, easy to maintain and long lasting; it also has a good resistance to corrosion, and thus is suitable for all the most common urban environments.

Lightness and ease of installation

This product’s lightness (its weight is three times less than steel) is also quite important; it simplifies installation, storage and handling operations.

Attention to the environment

By its nature, aluminum is not only recyclable (and, in this context, Italy is the European leader), but its re-melting requires only 5% of the energy used to produce the metal from bauxite: this is why it is an important resource from the environmental point of view.

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