The metal cutting centre is renewed: An article published in La Lattoneria


A metal cutting centre for the industrial sector and not only for the building industry. This is the greatest innovation of Tresoldi Metalli that comes alongside with the generational changeover at the company’s management. A full article dedicated to our company and its changes was published by the specialised magazine La Lattoneria.

Giuliano Tresoldi, founder of Tresoldi Metalli, started in the business with a small ironmonger’s in the centre of the town, and afterwards, in 1963, he set up a company that manufactured and marketed enamelled pipes for stoves. About half a century later Tresoldi Metalli witnessed its first generational changeover when Gianni and Alberto Tresoldi took over after Giuliano. The duo led the metal cutting centre to be a benchmark not only in the building but also in the industrial sector, with a turnover of almost 90 million Euros.

At present, the company is getting ready for a second changeover when Nicola, Enrico, Alice and Riccardo Tresoldi, each of them at different positions, take up the reins of the company. The article published in La Lattoneria tells about a new generation that comes into the company full of zest and willingness to work hard, that contributes with new ideas and further business chances, that is interested in the opportunities marketing and the new technologies offer (for instance, they started the renewal of the managerial system) and in enhancing the services offered to customers.

A ‘corporate growth project’ is in the pipeline ‘which would help us incorporate new processes and reach hitherto unexploited markets’. In the meantime, the company has conquered a leading role in the Italian and European scene.

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