They talk about us: Large investments for a new idea of a metal service centre


The Tresoldi Metalli service centre is the star of an article published in the last issue of La lattoneria monthly magazine.

In an interview, Alberto Tresoldi goes back over the company’s history and its landmarks, and how the business grew from a company selling sheet metal products to the construction industry to a large, up-to-date and super-modern metal cutting service centre targeted at the industrial sector.

The factor that has played a decisive role in the company’s success is the “unmatched selection of sizes, colours and thicknesses” and the “wide range of products offered- from copper to steel, and to pre-painted aluminium”.

The company’s huge leap forward in quality was the result of substantial investments made to offer the best service to the entire industrial sector: “Over 20 million Euro has been invested over eight years, the number of workers has increased (more than 100 employees are currently working with us), we have invested in professional excellence, in machinery, and in our warehouse”.

Such substantial investments have been the motor that brought new energy to a company already well-organised that was boosted into a global market.

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